The Comeback

Hello everyone, I’ve been gone for a while but have returned….I needed time to work and expand another poetic project called Collective Logic. Thanks for the ongoing support while I’ve been away!!




I have returned

From a much-needed absence

And with this I learned

That to step away for a while

From your passion

After much work and time

Was definitely earned

And expected reactions

Having to work on something else

To escape for a bit

So that one can rediscover self

And doing so for no one else

Sticking to my passion

And poetic ideas

To secure further satisfaction

And making sure not to fail or have fear

As looking at me will show and appear

All the while for me and in my mind

Became crystal clear

To rearrange my priorities

And not so random dreams

As I still remain fiery

Trying to acquire the means

Of doing so much more

And to plot a new course

With even more passion

That leaves my voice

For I made the choice

That was very needed

Now heading in a direction

Of another mission

That I want to see completed

And to share this and more

With all of you

And reestablishing my very core

And as I’m led to do

And choose to do

So that I

May accomplish even more

As a matter of fact

For I have returned

The comeback


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