What You May Feel

This is one poem that I believe many people sorely need….




You may feel that 

You’re walking all alone 

Being in the quietness of home 

While visiting the very thoughts 

That occupy your mind 

And waking up to them 

Going to bed with them 

Each and every time 

Bleeding on the inside 

And asking a dozen questions of why 

Because you allowed someone or people 

Into your life that ended up 

Disappointing you 

And you’re trying daily 

To make it through 

Well I have some words for you 

The person that you are 

There is not another 

Not out in the open 

Nor undercover 

You were made unique 

From the top of your head 

And all the way down to your feet 

Your very heartbeat  

Has its own rhythm 

Pulsating each day, you live 

And points to your center 

Remember who you are 

And never let another soul 

Steal or destroy your joy 

For you were not made  

To be anyone’s toy 

But rather an asset and addition 

As you made the choice 

We walk this life 

Needing and wanting for many things 

And certain happiness that this will bring 

But it’s in those moments of sadness 

That we must still be hopeful and glad 

Because there is someone out there 

That is just as sad or feeling bad 

And would be so glad  

To hear another voice 

Get a much-needed hug 

Be shown real love 

With support and compassion attached 

For we must move forward 

Even after an attack 

Love you and love you some more 

And if someone can’t appreciate you 

Then show them the door 

For you have value and so much more 

And you must believe this to your very core 

But know that we are never alone 

We are connected more 

Than we truly know 

So, hang on 

Just hang in there 

For you must never treat self 

Harsh or unfair 

Find something that gives you peace 

If only for a while 

And as wakeup each morning 

Look in the mirror 

And give that person a smile 

For hope isn’t far away 

With love not far behind 

For it’s in these times 

We must love self-more 

And reach out to someone 

That you adore and likewise 

For your time is precious 

With every look of your eyes 

For you must continue to drive 

Each day you’re alive 

And get back to being you 

Instead moving along 

With only pieces of you 

For fighting with self 

Is our biggest enemy 

So, hang in there 

Because you got this 

Because eventually and with much 

Hope and belief 

Faith and needs 

Don’t give up 

For your shining light 

Is just around the corner 

But must hang on enough 

To see it through 

And know what is best for you 

Without living life at a standstill 

For you are never alone 

Despite what you may feel 


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