Writing immediately

When the title and words come to me

Right then and there in an instant

As I tend to see

And meant to be

For poetry for me

Should always have substance

Meaningful at every degree

And reciting key phrases and lines

Immediately and urgently

While it’s all fresh

In that moment in time

And getting onto the paper

Or some device to share

While it’s still on the mind

And just hold it there

For losing this even for a second

Would make a poet want to

Pull out their hair

For nothing is worse than forgetting

What you wanted to write

So, whenever it shows up

Just hang on tight

But poetry also

Should always shine a light

And give the whole world

Something that they can feel

With each poetic reveal

And feel solid and tangible

When in the presence of all

Literary art so incredible

And never the intention

To ever fall

But rather enthrall and fascinate

And capture the attention of many

As the poet watches their work and fate

And they right plenty

Treating poetry as an asset

And never a rival nor enemy

Being and pushing beyond the norm

And always aligned and uniform

With the poet’s thoughts and intentions

And doing so with every poetic invention

Never being in direct contravention

Of your own self

And sending out works of lyrical art

That is easily recognizable

And truly stands out from everyone else

Wanting and desiring to be the best

Because a poet’s mind can never rest

As this art form always seems to test

The poet at every turn

And this is something

A poet must learn

And adhere to

Everything they say and do

And always having a clue

As to what comes next

So then enter right

And exit stage left

Due to beginning such works

As a musical clef

At the start of every line

With many original pieces

Wrote and shared over time

As you the poet

Would agree as poetry is filled

With many properties

And have already made up your mind

As poetry is always on your person

As most will find

And displayed in kind

Moving ever forward

As to not fall behind

But rewind and reveal

As you continue to hone your craft

And watching as poetry

When you write it

Makes time stand still

And you seal each one

With your unique signature

Your own literary work

That is so pure

In every instant

As poetry from a poet

Should always possess substance


Where writing comes alive

Writings By MCM