Intermission (Part 3)

(Final Version)




This poet has a specific vision

And in no uncertain terms

Will I ever abort or abandon my mission

My poetry will not cause

Nor stir up any opposition

And under no conditions

Will I ever render this art obsolete

From the very first day

That poetry summoned me

Right then and there

I refused to ever succumb to defeat

But rather light a fuse

And allow my work to repeat

Itself and more than happy to do so

Ready and willing always

Wielding the pen and paper

As to share and display

My poetic flow

Poetry doesn’t have to be

Long in order to be strong

But whether or not you know it

That the assistance of a poet

Is needed to enhance

These written and literary songs

That will always have a place

In our minds and hearts

Being right where they belong

Each and every time

As you will find

What the poet has in mind

Pushing ever forward

And to never rewind

I didn’t invent this

But rest assure

I plan to see this through

And carry it on

Because on this poetic path

Is where I belong

As I ingest and digest it by the day

As my artistic nutrition

And never leaving its side

And always before my eyes

The intermission


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