Intermission (Part 2)



Taking time to refocus

A timeout if you will

As I lie still with my thoughts

Not searching for a new mission

As no need to go fishing

Because I’ve already been caught

As poetry sought me out

And helped to relay my vision

For this I have no doubt

I won’t dare cease to increase

From what I know has become me

The evolution of a poet

That all will see

From beginning to end

And no need for us

To pretend to be friends

Because poetry and I

Will do the song and dance forever

Over and over again

And hoping within the time allotted

To set off a new poetic trend

That knows no meaning of loss

Just only a win

No real need for a pause or break

But rather taking a moment

To share and speak

To enlighten while writing

As these words provide heat

Where it is needed

Never cooling off

And will always increase it

The repetition played out

With every rendition

May seem strange at times

And be interpreted and seen

In various ways on any day

And everything in between

But no need for an intervention

Because my written efforts

Are never in direct contravention

Of my poetic mission

Each one is tailored and bespoke

And attention to detail given

Activating absolute artistry that is driven

Each time I wrote

Poetry spoke

And right after I awoke


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