Poetry Flowing



Poetry to me

Is the written way of bearing

And being gracefully

Yet flowing

Continuously throughout

Your heart and mind

And just never knowing

The true affects over time

When a poet writes and shares

Just putting their very soul out there

Because they truly care

About the world around them

And writing about many things

As poetry brings

The pulse rate and heartbeat

Of the poet it occupies

A lyrical retreat

That poets always feel

Wielding the pen as a weapon

That moves and can’t stay still

And never ask why

For poets don’t need wings

Just to fly

Because of what’s inside

That winds up flowing to the outside

And on a literary high

Just streaming out of every single pore

And capturing thoughts galore

Yet moving and speeding up

The heart even more

A passion that only a poet

Can truly understand

And a fiery disposition

With the pen in hand

Ready to attack the paper

As the words come together

And finally reach land

Allowing poetry to be

The very quick sand that just

Engulfs you

And with every breath that you take

Plans to see this through

For poetry is and has become you

The very sustenance that feeds you

The drink that never causes you

To become thirsty or parched

For poetry is the mission

And a wonderful art and invention

So therefore, as a poet

You continue to march on

For poetry will always feel right

And never wrong

Being the very crown

That never gets dethroned

And as a poet

You can’t walk away from this

Nor leave it alone

Because whether you know this or not

Poetry is the very place

That poets can always call home

As you reach for it by the day

With phrases, words, and meanings

That occupy you at night

More than you know or say

And always thinking about

The next title and piece

For poetry to a poet

Is a wonder that will never cease

As this art form

Has taken on

A life of its own

For I am a poet

And have become the quiet storm

Unpredictable and beyond the norm

For the poetry light is always on

Being in the position

To take more on

And rendering many works

Along with poetic renditions

For being a poet

Is not a condition

But rather a fire and passion

That imbues you with the power of words

That reaches and flows out

Unlike anything else seen or heard

As it explores the literary expedition

That will forever be ongoing

For the poet always embraces more

When poetry opens the virtual door

As poetry just keeps on flowing


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