My Finest Hour



In this very moment  

As I  

Stand firmly in my tower 

Here alone and embracing poetry

In my finest hour 

Enjoying the silence 

With an unobstructed view 

Thinking about all the things 

That poetry has brought me to 

With each written piece

As wonders never cease 

And more than just a few 

Interacting with many lives 

As I 

Cope with the aftermath 

Hoping to shine a light 

Along this poetic path 

And even well beyond that 

For poetry is the target 

That I’m more than willing 

To attack and strike back at anytime 

As I feel and react 

To the effects it has on me 

When I cross the line 

And just where will it take me next 

I guess we will see 

As I 

Cruise diligently and constantly 

Along this strip of road 

That is poetry 

Being alive and on a poetic high 

That I 

Will never have the desire to leave

Nor come down from 

As poetry is the nutrition 

That I consume and have succumbed to 

As it leaves behind 

Such positive and artistic residue 

For this is the life and path 

That was chosen for me 

Even though I didn’t ask 

Always a passion and a pleasure

And never feels like a task 

Something I will always grasp

And hold on to

Because poetry will definitely

Outlast me and you

For I am poetry 

And poetry is me 

As the energy within 

Just astounds me 

And with a steady grin

Every time I begin 

To form the words and lines 

And merge them together 

Over a long period of time 

For poetry and I

Will be together 

Forever and ever 

An honorable endeavor 

That is just fine by me

And what I will seek at all times

Along with the many souls 

That this will reach and speak

With each and every moment 

That I breathe and see

And as I 

Stand firmly in my tower 

There alone and embracing poetry 

Here in my finest hour 


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