The Occupied Mind

Followup to the poem: “The Puzzled Mind”




Remembering all of the times 

When you had so much on your mind 

And much at stake 

Becoming impatient and more stressed 

The longer you had to wait 

Things needed and wanted 

With some actions taken 

That you believed were warranted 

While other decisions were made 

Purely out of desperation 

As life at the time 

Showed no indication of much needed change 

And having to rearrange your whole life 

In ways that you never thought 

Solely off of your own thinking and reasoning 

And quick solutions sought after 

For you have kidnapped self 

And became your own captor 

Just from being too much in your head 

And unable at this time 

To make better decisions instead 

Because you have lost yourself along the way 

And listening to your inner voice  

That is half dead 

Full of regret and not believing 

There is more of you left 

An unhappy existence 

That has been so persistent and consistent 

With a face you no longer recognize 

Feeling like you’ve shrunk in size 

And unable to move on properly 

Due to an overabundance of stress and strife 

Because you’re missing and longing for 

The version of you that once had a better life 

While current strife has you on repeat 

To the point that you cannot even sleep 

Because you just can’t turn your mind off 

So, what does one do 

When feeling lost and counting the cost

With much loss and not knowing what to do 

Like standing in the middle of a forest 

At night with a broken compass 

That has failed you 

And have no idea which direction to go 

For much misery and disappointment 

You have come to know 

As you look into the mirror at your own eyes 

And this agony shows 

With every reflection that you have 

For you have succumb 

To things from your present and past 

And worried that they 

Will outlast you 

And seeking badly 

The prior version of you 

But will this take care of the future 

That is a question you must ask 

Can you become a new you? 

And move into the future 

Instead of dwelling on the past 

Time to forge a new identity 

That equates with where you are now 

And how to do this exactly 

You must figure out how 

And be consistently inclined 

With a whirlwind you can’t deny 

And must continue to hang in there 

Over this period of time 

All while leaving  

The scrambling and constant moving 

Inside of your occupied mind


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