Two very different colors

Upon varying degrees

Dissimilar in every way

And have drawn a line

Between the shade of gray

And you will find that

These two colors

Of black and white

Are the polar opposite of each other

Representing night and day

Good and bad

Positive and negative

Both stick out very much

In their own way

And just a tad misunderstood

At times when we only can see

Just one at that time

Or simultaneously

Moving about together

As part of a collective

That we can just

Reach out and touch

All while pulling apart from gray

Individuals they are

But have such an impact by far

Executed strongly

And dancing in between

The light and shadow

Of right and wrong

And varying tones

Yet so clearly defined

By opposing issues and principles

That just soars along

Black and white terms

And the definitions represented

They we all share and have learned

With semi understanding

Of the very same song

The situation that turns into a debate

And various mistakes because we couldn’t wait

As we attempt to shape

This version of reality

But hopefully come to our senses

Before it’s too late

As we continue to move into

The space of the unknown

Judging by skin and face

And absolutely by race

Feeding further division and seclusion

That drove us to segregate

As we travel along

Yet occupying a world

That just won’t leave us alone

With countless concerns misplaced

At a rate and pace

That holds at an unstable state

But cannot admit to wrong

A tug of war that is constantly happening

In between the black and white colors

That pushes against each other

Until it can go no further along

Living in and picturing a world

Of monochrome


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