You Hide We Seek



You hide everything

That we should know

Covering the truth over

With a secretive throw

Never knowing

And the mysteries growing

Doing all you can

To keep the mere truth

From leaking out

And coming to the surface

Completely done on purpose

And move like lightning

When you feel this becomes urgent

Tying and bending reality

Into a very warped one instead

And even some people

After having learned the truth

They mysteriously vanished

But more than likely dead

For we must seek

That which affects our very lives

But being held discreet

This needs to cease

And get released immediately

Instead of folding the truth over

And sewing in a lying crease

As this continues to repeat itself

Hiding things for self

And not allowing anyone else

That is not a part of your circles

But we all occupy the same world

Being consistently careful

That the truth doesn’t spill out

But what is done in the dark

Will eventually come to light

And whether or not

You put up a fight

For everyone has the human right

To know what is going on around them

At all times

Instead of dividing and going into hiding

And drawing a line that only you can cross

And every time that this happens

We pretty much have all lost

As we count the cost and tragedies

That we wind up having to endure

And unnecessary situations that occur

Just from making sure its secure

I guess the meek shouldn’t inherit the Earth

From the very first day of conception and birth

And hiding away the essential

In places where that the sun cannot find

And having done so over time

While you hide and spy

And consider the rest of us

Something you despise

As you have built an enterprise

Just from lies alone

Embracing the darkness

And calling this home

For secrets have a cost

And they are not free

Keeping the whole world lost

And confused at every degree

On a lying and denying spree

As you continue to repeat

For we all have a right

To that which affects us directly

And making simple souls

Complete enemies

But the day will come

When all of these things

Shrouded in lies and mystery

Will blow the top off

For all to see

Because this is inevitable

And will rise to actual reality

For you hide

But we will seek


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