Agony Unseen


Some people may seem or appear okay

But that may not always be

For the inside

Is being held at bay

And quite different from the outside

That we see

For this person may feel like

A dying tree




What we see on the outside

Of a person

Is not always the same

As what ‘s going on inside of them

Smiling by face

But very grim and stormy

Within their heart and mind

Just circling in place

Tormented in this case

And tears mixed with silence

In their own private space

Going through a very hard time

Having to use whatever strength

And energy left that they have

Just to make it through the day

But at night when all alone

And at home

Their belief in self

Is dwindling by the day

And enough hope has yet

To actually take shape

And if you look close enough

Into their eyes

You will see this as the case

Because the eyes are a window

To the soul

And they indicate and show

A person’s real story

That no one knows

Trying everything they can

Just to stay sane and on their toes

But many tears have fallen

Pass their nose

And the door to much tragedy and stress

Is wide open and feel like they

Are on overload

And just wandering daily

When this door will close

As they walk about this world

Lost and not truly living

And due to feeling froze

The heart beats but can barely

Feel a pulse

As life for them

Just went on pause

And lurking in unconstructed space

While constantly taking a fall

Barely talking and being around others

For they are uncertain

If anyone would understand them at all

Standing under shade

With an even darker color

And most would be shocked

By what they discover

When they truly find out

All the things that are and have been

Floating below and underneath the surface

As life for them seems like

A three-ring circus

But with no fun to be had

Just a broken individual

Barely alive and their demeanor

Is frequently and consistently sad

As light seems to have left their eyes

And life for them just seems

To have come and went

For if we could grasp the gravity

Of this person’s difficult situation

Yet current predicament

And just hold out a helping hand

To inject encouragement and hope

And show that we clearly understand

What is being held inside

And with some time

Heal from such tragedy

By giving them a lifeline

Despite their unseen agony


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