Artistry Unknown



Many works of art 

That are appreciated 

But the artist themselves 

Are entirely unknown 

I feel that their works 

Speaks volumes into  

Who they were and the journey 

That spawned this unique work 

All rolled up into one 

For they completed their piece 

Before them and their life was done 

Leaving it all out there 

For each and everyone 

As their spirit is represented 

Within each art piece 

And appreciation for it 

Continues to increase 

As the art piece 

Has a pulse with a single beat 

As it indicates this 

To everyone it meets 

So glad that they 

Decided to share 

And making the whole world aware 

Of what they accomplished 

As most of these works 

Causing admirers to be astonished 

So just appreciate it 

For what it truly is 

And know that this artist 

Existed and really lived 

Before they were called home 

For their works 

Are no less acknowledged 

Even though the artist themselves 

Remain unknown 


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