The Color Of Blue



Very realistic

And characteristic

Of the color of blue

Feelings and emotions



And at times showing

Just pouring

And not always knowing

Where the tide may go

Accepting as is

And just allowing it to be so

As art often bestows

Upon the artist and audience

And a certain vibe and radiance

That is taken in many ways

Not just what it is

And being what it is

But rather what you see

And how it relates to

The invited company

Taking a chance

As each person glance

To give a viewpoint

That may or may not last

Applaud this or dislike

As the artist’s put in much time

Whether in darkness or light

And earned the right

To display a work

That not always has perks

But just for the raw passion

As they insert their heart and mind

Into each piece that is allowed

To be shared and hopefully shine

And never become a distant memory

But stick around for many lifetimes

And be graced with much presence

As it displays its essence

And want it to be appreciated

Simply for what it is

And show the world

How this artist thought and lived

As each piece seals in

The artist’s soul and talent

And not to be bent out of shape

Or taken for granted

Nor seen as a regret or a mistake

As this is one of many

That helped shape the world

Of fine artistry

And meant to flow and embraced

As it was meant to be

Whether written or painted

It was shared with all of you

As the artist meant for it to

Being the opposite

Of the feelings and emotions

That mostly grew into

A negative

As the artists is putting it all

On the line and saw it through

Wanting everyone to enjoy

And reach all of you

For this is the artist’s own

Interpretation of art

With a slight hue

That just simply embraced

The color of blue


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