Complex Rhyme 2

(Final Version)




Back at it again 

To secure and conjure up 

A magnetic trend 

From start to finish 

Beginning and end 

Enthusiasm nowhere near diminished 

Not famished 

Flew but now landed 

Not ever taken for granted 



Not ravished 

Won’t vanish 

From thought or memory 

Because what I brought with me 

Is the perfect blend and recipe 

Of the lyrical and literary 

Until I can no longer stand it 

Go no further after it 

Without panic 

Not manic 

Permission granted 

Not frantic 

Just poetic antics 

And hope all understand it 

Because it is worth going after 

As I 


And factor 

Into this by the acre 

Always rising like water vapor 

A lyrical caper 

That refuse to taper 

Off from the grander 

Scheme that I deem 

Will cause hope to 

Scream and get many this need 

Through words and lines 

That I 

Tend to write and feed 

And at a constant speed 

As I  

Continue to proceed 

Map and cover over 


And stir 

Up and serve 

The rhythmic lines that will occur 

As I 


As life can be such a blur 

But the poetic can concur 

And be the very viper 

That wipes out the darkness 

As most cannot infer 

As I’m 

Going to whisper 

In the ears 

Of all that will hear 

And spearhead this work 

Right here 

No tears  


Following after peers 

As they go left 

I go right 

Put up a poetic fight 

That I just might 

Go beyond twelve rounds 

As my poetic pieces 

Increases outbound 

And inbound 

In and out of town 

For miles around 


Be found 

Cannot be held down 

Causing smiles 

As opposed to frowns 

Lyrical sounds 

And hunting poetry 

Like a hound 

For I 

Never clown 

For I take this seriously 

As I forge a poetic bond 

Between you and me 

Art for all to see 

And just let it be 

What it is and be the very key 

That opens the door for more 

To stroll 

Rock and roll in 

As I’m 

In the process of leaving 

A legacy that will have no end 

Not amend 

Just say when 

And send this out 

To everyone 

For when the smoke clears 

And all is said and done 

Not could’ve but 

Would’ve been the one 

That carry this right pass 

Being a hobby or for mere fun 

As poetry meets me in the lobby 

Of my poetic mind and heart 

And would take an awful lot 

To tear us apart 

We’re like the kettle to the pot 

And what not 

Refusing to stop 

Until I  

Reach the very top 

Of this poetic hill 

And won’t allow myself 

To sit still 

But rather move swiftly 

And diligently 

As I go all in 

For what I’m after 

And capture 

Become the rhyme master 

Devour and attack  

As a velociraptor 

And factor 

In that I’m a self-sustaining 

Poetry reactor 

Filled with unlimited energy 

As we 

Are the synergy 

That has become me 

So that all will see  

That upon many degrees 

Readily and steadily 

With ferocity 


And boldly 

Become the best poet 

That I can be 

Not just once 

But all the time 

As I 

Leave the ground 

To soar the sky 

Circumnavigating the world 

Both far and wide 

And easily verified 

As I 

Wear poetry as a tux 

With a silky bowtie 

And being just fine 

With this stuck to me like glue 

All mine 

But from me to you 

And ready for what’s next 

For this piece my friends 

Is the end of 

The complex rhyme two 


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