The Writing Is On The Wall



Handwritten or otherwise

The writing has occurred

The writing has arrived

And has always been in place

Whether or not it is accepted

In any case

And just as real

As the very look on a person’s face

Having its way

Taking shape

And having its say

Taking up space

As it relays and conveys

Persuades and displays

Points and leans

And apparently go unseen

Yet leaves words and messages

As consistently as the sun

Shines its rays

Just the power of words

Covering the world over

At every angle and way

Warnings left

Prophesies that arrived

Described and spelled out

Line by line

Sentence and phrase

Yet ignoring the very source

That put all of this into play

A signature left everywhere

With the utmost care

But unfairly treated

As most are unaware

Evidence everywhere you look

Seen and taken in

And not only through a book

Real graffiti written and sprayed

With much time and effort took

Yet ignored in every possible way

But doesn’t remove the mere facts

Or the absolute truth

That we constantly face

Whether we deny or accept

And I wonder what the reaction will be

Feelings or words said

When all of this goes down

And indicates what is next

The very thoughts left

Confusion and unrest

And most not seen at their best

That will exclude no one

As this is something we cannot

Run or hide from

A judgement for us all

For this and many other things

Have always told and shown us

The writing is on the wall


Where writing comes alive

Writings By MCM