Rhyme Time 2

(Final Version)




Just who am I

The poetic guy

A poet for the times

That does more than

Just get by

The rolling tides


And slides

No question of why

Do more than try

Feeling sky high

But then glide

As I land in a trance

And get down

When I am around

Buried in poetry

When found

Both feet planted firmly

On the ground

As my work surrounds

And helps cures frowns

Hoping to get people through

Many ups and downs

With just the mere sound

Of my voice

And choice of words

Read and heard

From all leaps and bounds

Helping to lift

Spirits when they disappear

And causing a paradigm shift

When I come near

And my poetry is here

As I and others

Hold it most dear

I’m without fear

Clutching my poetic spear

And thrown miles away from here

Soaring the atmosphere

With much cheer

Always in gear

Vanish then reappear

I won’t slow down

So, steer clear

As I unleash

And increase in pounds

Never cease

Continue to be

Me as I’m

Never lost at sea

Feeling free

To hit lyrically

To enhance the literary

For all to see

So just let it be

As I’m on target

Striving and arriving

With the target hit

No denying yet diving

Eyes prying

But not crying

As I

Never trip

Silky words from lips


Perfect fit



Consists of

Organization and orderly

No gravity

For I am

Poetic royalty

No peril

Clean and sterile

Pulling poetry

From a bygone era

And clever

Pushing towards other levels

The bass to the treble

The beat of a song

And right here with poetry

Is where I belong

Can’t go wrong

Poetically strong

Stand with me

Or just leave me alone

For I am

The wind with no end

The breeze through the trees

Wine and dine


As I unwind


From time to time

And besides

I can call this mine

So, sublime






Taking many for a ride

Just comes alive

Never hides

Not shy

But in essence

Of poetic expression

That is grade A






On display

Takes shape

Can’t stop

Won’t wait

Not up for a debate

Arrives on time

And never late

With grace

Face to face

Sharp as a blade

Shares but no trade

Convex and concave

Not enslaved

Broke free of the cage

I am not manmade

As I sway

Attack and engage

Sound a mayday

Refuse to be away

Help saves

Not sting or taze

The way out of the maze

As some might say

Not relapse


As I draft

The next rendition

With some revisions

Done with precision



Headed towards completion

On a mission

With common sense

Not odd or strange

For I remain

Out to cause change

And rearrange

Not insane


Merge into other lanes

Never stay one way or the same

As I

Constantly gain


And evolve

No pain


And problem solved

Fore and aft

So perhaps

I think outside of the box

Kick rocks

Wanting more

Breaking down the door



And ignore

What may throw me off

I am my own boss

Not lost

So, toss

The negative away

When poetry and I lay

Visit and come through

For who knew and left clues

As I write the final line

And bid all adieu

Proven and slew

For this right here

Is rhyme time two


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