Being The Bait



Being enticed and lured into 

A false sense of security 

And simple need 

Falling for the trap 

That was plainly seen 

But yet hidden from it 

And once caught 

They are shocked by this 

But unfortunately 

And tragically 

It was just too late 

For this is the nature 

Of being the bait 

Tempted and then hooked 

For they didn’t look 

Hard enough at the fate before them 

And with every step or swim towards 

This dangerous and unsafe area 

The chances of survival 

Grow more and more  

Slim and dim 

For the unknown happened 

And all before they knew 

What actually hit them 

A quick and careless thought 

With an action and reaction 

Under the circumstances 

That went horribly wrong for them 

But couldn’t see this even with both eyes 

Opened and focused 

Might as well had been blind 

For there is no escaping this time 

A life ending and serious mistake 

That they didn’t get to walk 

Or swim away from 

With a heart rate and pulse 

Beating rapidly like the beats of drums 

And stuck in a trance 

And realizing that  

They wouldn’t get another chance 

And doomed right out of the gate 

And sealing their very own fate 

Because unfortunately 

And tragically 

It was just too late 

For this is the horrible nature 

Of being the bait 


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