Apex Predator

No conscience or remorse, for their main focus is staying on course….




Top of the food chain 

And in a class of your own 

Devouring others before you 

Right down to the bone 

And considered vile and insane 

Vicious and wild 

But what remains 

Are animals that are needed 

Even though this seems strange 

To keep a certain balance  

Within nature 

Amongst predator and prey 

On any day 

And was setup to be this way 

As they 

Stalk and hunt their prey 

And hardly ever face 

Much competition 

For them to be this way 

Is their mission 

And one they don’t take lightly 

Nowhere near being politely kind or nice 

By any means 

For they truly go after  

What they want and need 

And known to succeed 

Striking and attacking 

That which it sees 

To feed and eat 

And to not fail 

Or yield to defeat 

For these are not an option

They don’t care

As they move with stealth

Away from their lair

For the target is unaware 

And once a prey is in their crosshairs 

There is no stopping them 

From the inevitable 

And despite their sinister nature 

They are incredible 

And command much respect 

Not unpredictable 

So, you know what to expect 

And these animals are 

Anything but regular 

Keen and sharp 

Tough and clever 

And causing mass hysteria

So, watch out and look out 

For the apex predator 


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