In a way

So that most people

Can actually relate to my

Poetry and thereby being the very

Thing that people will read and see

All while becoming and also befitting to the

World in ways that will even surpass

Me and all of my intentions

Created and wrote as unique

Poetic inventions that I

Hope will feed

The minds



Of many

As this is

My destiny that I

Will fulfill and cannot be

Still as my mind and heart

Beats with the pulse of the streets

And all of the avenues that I would

Like to see this completely move through

And touch everyone when it’s all

Said and done while committing

To memory and sharing

With everyone you

Meet and


And carry

With you everywhere

And care enough to

Allow me to bring even

More as I conjure up these

Unique pieces from my very core and

Steady and ready at a moment’s notice no

Matter where I am and striving to

Be the very poet that I

Know I was meant to

Be and just fly

Giving you all

Something to



Where writing comes alive

Writings By MCM