Rhyme Time



A poet 

Wouldn’t you know it 

With writings that show it 

Unique artistic pieces 

That iron out the creases 

Of the so-called norm 

An anomaly 


Known as a quiet storm 

With strong winds 

That transcend 

From beginning to end 

And knocks down the barn 

This poetry can become addictive 

So, you’ve been warned 

Not theoretically 

But readily 

At a moment’s notice to write 

But steadily 

And fiery 

Just aiming to ignite 


And euphorically 

Continues to take flight 


And increasingly 

With all of my might 


And lyrically 

Always puts up a poetic fight 



And essentially 

Takes a big bite 


And hopefully 

Shines an intense light 


And shattering 

My own record 

While repeating 

And succeeding 

Yet never hiding 

In plain sight 

Aiming to get this right 

Keeping this tight 

Jumping to great heights 

Leaping over the previous 

Each time I write 

Not being mischievous 

Never any rush 

Always in touch 

And in close proximity 

Like the bristles on a paintbrush 

Never too much 

I assume 

Launching a missile 

I presume 

For me and poetry 

Are finely tuned 

Never swoon 

Shines like a sterling silver spoon 

And casting waves 

Straight to the moon 

When I meetup with poetry again 

It wouldn’t be too soon 

Words that seal up wounds 

With a tone that croons 

Line by line

That are silky smooth  

Seeks to motivate 

And never cause gloom 

As I activate 

The writing pens 

And send 

Never bends 



Minds and hearts 

Body and soul 

Ready to go 

And show 


For who knows 

And glows 


And blow right pass 

The very last 


When all is said and done 

Never a losing battle 

Because I’ve already won 

Not doing this just for fun 

Yet tackles but never rattles 

Different subjects 

As I 

Take the time to interject 

And direct 

My very own symphony 

Upon varying degrees 

Just simply by 

Being me 

And proceed 

To feed the literary need 

And further succeed 

Planting poetic seeds 

Can’t you see 

I’m on a rhyming spree 

That will be 

The next artistic piece 

Originally by me 

Taking off immediately 

In all essence 

With my very own artistic expression 

Heading in all directions 

And to enhance life lessons 

Not to be bested 

For all time spent and invested 

With energy 

And synergies 


Both proven and tested 

As I 

Strategize and materialize 

In front of my very eyes 

As well as others 

And attempting to bring hope 

For one another 

As I 

Take to the skies 

Feeling energized 

Poetry that magnetize 

And thrives 

Both inside and outside my mind 

Always on the grind 

And just falls in line 

For this piece here 

That appears 

And hope its revered 

Thrown as a spear 

And just aligns 

Through my design 

As you will find 

Moving as a carrier wave 

Each and every day 

And divine 

As a fine wine 

In my prime 

Never falling behind 

Never pause or rewind

But certainly, will recall 

And combine 

Now ending this line 

With the effort that was put into 

Rhyme time 


Where writing comes alive

Writings By MCM