Leave It All



Come one 

Come all 

As this poet right here 

Writes with purpose 

And tends to recall 

Words and phrases 

From the back and front 

Of my mind 

For my words and thoughts 

Just fall in line 

With each and every rhyme 

And would if I could 

Buy my time as to do this even longer 

And caught up becoming even stronger 

As poetry 

Flows in and out of me 

Like the vast waters of the many seas 

Answering this calling and destiny 

To be the writer 

That soars higher 

Always on fire 

And will stay this way 

Until I expire 

To bring to the world 

The very pearl that is missing 

From the oyster shell 

As I 

Feel compelled to do 

The mission that I accept and choose 

And not wearing lead shoes 

For me and poetry 

Have so much to do 

Before we are through 

And coming with up works 

That all can relate to 

As I  

Allow this art form and style 

To bring about piles 

And keep them around 

For quite a while 

As I 

Walk down the poetry halls 

And see my name there 

Making everyone aware 

That this poet was one 

Who actually cared 

And put it all out there 

And left it all right where 

So that you could stop and stare 

And be able to feel and compare 

It to other great works of art 

For I am and will be 

A poet with lots of passion 

And a lot of heart 

Bonded together to the point 

That it will never come apart 

And never reaching the edge 

Or the ledge 

So not worried about a fall 

For me and poetry 

Are here for you 

As you will find 

And put it all on the line 

As you will recall 

Not faded or jaded 

And never hesitated 

To leave it all 


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