Have you ever had those moments?

Where you wanted to relay

A thought or feeling

That was hard to say

Or try to convey

As your face displays

The very opposite

Of how you truly feel

On this particular day

Yet your mind and heart

Come across as a mainstay

In a very peculiar way

So, what does one do

At this point in time

Do you attempt to share?

Or just keep it all to self

And stay somewhat aligned

As your mind circles about

With hundreds of thoughts

That are off and on

But won’t quite fall in line

As you need them to

For you have no accurate description

Or even the words

To speak and confess

What’s truly going on with you

Greeting people with a forced smile

All the while feeling lost

Dazed and confused

Subjecting self to harsher punishment

Than anyone else could possibly give you

And you deep within

That this is the absolute truth

As your thoughts and intentions

Are stuck in a box

That feels like the inside

Of a phone booth

With no one around

And wearing a frown inside

For you need to find yourself

Because there will be times

When no one will care

With concerns somewhere else

And for those that do

Won’t have the slightest clue

To what is going on and deeply embedded

Inside of you

With regrets dreaded

And enough memories for two

For you must ask yourself

Have you lost yourself

And feeling out of step

With your life

For you’ll never admit

That this could misery and unhappiness

Swimming around inside of you

That is feeding everything about you

Maybe restoration and a fresh start

Is what you need

To get yourself back in gear

So that you can begin

To actually feel the way

Your face appears

To those around you

Just need to figure out

What you want and need to do

To secure real happiness

That is only up to you

And rest at night

So that you can take charge

Of the day

For only you

Have the power to change

And rearrange that which covers you

For you must find a way

To deal with the life

That you choose

And step out of the gray

As you become comfortable with self again

And be able next time

To truly relay


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