Walking towards the ocean

And enjoying the view

As the waves move and stir up

Such commotion

Yet hits the shore so calm and smooth

And right in front of you

As the water mixing with the sand

All while gracing the very land

In which you stand

But now you want

To move closer to it

And with a feeling and sensation felt

That’s hard to describe

For you just know

What you feel inside and outside

As the ocean bares the tide

And the waves go along for a ride

Yet blending well as they meet

And you go in with both feet

Watching the water softly clash

Right against you

And can’t help but relax

While it soothes

And blends with you

With the radiant color of blue

And you don’t want to move

From this spot

Wishing you had a cot

So that you could lay here

Until the day stops

For you have nowhere to go

Or be in this moment

And if you did

You feel that it can wait

Because you’re planning to remain here

Until it gets late

And making no mistake

Of missing anything here

And the waves splash and dash

With every arrival as they appear

Taking in this natural wonder

As it feels heaven sent

Wishing to submerge

And be directly under it

Just freely enjoying

The ocean current


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