Side By Side



Gone are the days

When married couples stayed

Together until death bid them adieu

Because one of the main issues

Is everyone want to keep their old life

And only think about self and you

Running away from obstacles

Instead of putting a stop to them

Turning a once beautiful thing

Into a side show and allow it to get grim

Going away from what started them

So far away that you don’t even

Recognize each other anymore

Someone loves harder

While the other gets bored

Less and less efforts are made

To grow and preserve it even more

Disrespect is flying all over it

And divorce is the simplest

Yet easiest way to be done with it all

So, when did married couples think it was okay

To get comfortable with a fall

And no big deal when dropping the ball

And done over time

Not caring enough

To get back in line

Lie and smile in public

Yet whine and yell at home

And being as ugly as can be

To each other and doing what’s right

Is the missing yet vital recipe

Barely seeking help

Or not at all

Just rather hurt inside

Than gather a guide

When things go astray

Someone goes cold

And bitterness begins to take shape

So much damage done to the point

Until resolution becomes too late

But there was once a time

When husbands and wives

Loved until it hurt

Then loved some more

And all over each other

Behind closed doors

Affection was a given

But nowadays it has gone missing

Walked and actually talked often

And made this a priority all the time

Spending quality time with each other

And standing and laying side by side

Treasuring every moment together

And gave this lots of time

Couldn’t wait to see them

And greeted with a shiny smile

Actually, missed them when away

Hugged and kissed every single day

As your love just fell in line

And home was anywhere

Where the two of you chose to reside

Because it didn’t matter as long as

You were together

And sharing something very rare and special

Never allowing anything or anyone

To tear you apart

For lock and key

Is how your keeping those hearts

Very close and with much care

And very little despair

Catching a mere glance

As you both stopped and stared

But over time and modern days

Something like this is only heard of

And rarely done

Just treated as ancient and a bygone era

And completed by no one

So, hats off to those

That have found and maintained

The winning formula

Not a perfect one

Just a consistent one

Happy tears falling into tissues

For staying faithful was never an issue

And never forgetting about your love

No matter what comes up or around

Staying above those who don’t

And not allowing yourselves to be down

Or torn apart

Just moving and flowing along

Constantly from the start

And treasure and pleasure

Each moment with them

At any given time

For the way to be you two

Is always side by side


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