Inhale And Exhale



Breathe in

Breathe out

Right here in this very moment

No matter where you are

Or have been

While trying to figure life out

And being in

The skin that you’re in

That has no end

Even through the stress and strife

For you must still carry on

As you inhale and exhale life

Taking deep breaths

In and out

When you observe and come in contact

At times with things

That are difficult to comprehend

With no idea of what this is about

And to what this brings

As your ears tend to ring

From the very sounds around, you

Taking enough breaths for two

As the air enters and exits the body

And trying to center self

Being nowhere else

While appearing at times

As an oddity

Or a commodity

Depending on the situation

While riding on air

With the ideal situation

Is to become somebody

In the eyes of everyone you meet

And hoping that they see

You for the true person that you are

And hoping that your friendly notions

Travel very far

With or without a car

Tossing commotions while in motion

Away from you

And exhale when you do

As you take in your surroundings

While in a beautiful place and space

So, you inhale with the feelings

And emotions that you count

By the hour on your face

All while experiencing and waiting

For the next encounter

As you draw air in and out

Through your mouth

But feels at times

Like its through your pores

That your skin wears

As it opens and closes to more

And life can seem for some

Like such a bore

While others exude happiness

As they sleep and snore

But we all must find inner peace

That radiates at our core

Then displays on the outer layer

As your mind becomes the purveyor

Of the ideas on where to go next

Whether you take a right or turn left

All while anxious and seeking

To become your best

And being able to display this

At all times beyond your current position

And make it a point

To record on your natural disk drive

Even if no one was left

To join you outside

And it was just you

For you must survive

And take care of the little person

That is on the inside

Yet constantly derives

As you find yourself still

With something to prove

But in the process

Just don’t lose you

When you feel compelled

Right then and there

Even when the air around you

Is thick or thin

And weighing life on a scale

Breathe in

Breathe out

As you inhale and exhale


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