To Bring Hope (Part 3)

(Final Version)




Roaming this world 

And what do I see 

So many people in need 

Of some rescuing 

And a place to cope 

With life in general 

And in dire need of hope 

Living life confined to a view 

Within a scope 

Thin and narrow 

With very little growth 

As they feel tired 

And exhausted both mentally and physically 

While some only have  

A connection spiritually 

To help get them through 

For without this 

They would feel broken in two 

Some trying to take their own life 

And feel they have nothing to live for 

When all they really needed was a chance 

And for enough people to care a little more 

With words of encouragement 

Bringing positive vibes  

And some peace sent 


Not enough people actually care 

And if and when you need them 

They are nowhere to be found 

Many knees touching the ground 

With tears falling down their cheeks 

But with no sound 

As they try to keep it in 

For they have grown tired 

Of watching others win 

And just seem to have it all 

They rise 

We fall 

And some would say 

To hang on tight 

Just one more day 

For when your issues come to an end 

They will allow for a brand-new start 

Just have to see it through 

And not come apart 

Surround yourself with those of like minds 

For you will find with time 

That this can be very helpful 

Especially when it comes to  

Situations with your hands full 

And not sure where to turn 

Take those hard moments in life 

And use them to learn 

Valuable lessons that will aid you next time 

So that you can take those dreams 

And truly align them with a smile 

But be patient 

Because this could take a while 

Stay occupied and try to find something 

That will help you relax 

And try to stay there as long as you can 

And hopefully they’ll never come back 

Because you have decided 

To move on with your life 

For you are still here 

And you’re going to be alright 

You must believe this 

And start inside of your mind 

Speak positive things into your life 

And at some point 

You will feel better inside and outside 

With more hope that shows in your eyes 

For you will find  

That your day of change 

Starts with you 

And what you choose to do 

Or not do 

To help ease your pain 

With a positive outlook and antidote 

From this poet right here 

Is just helping to spread those vibes 

That will capture and shine 

And send out vast amounts 

In light of and in a way 

That brings hope


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