The Hourglass (Part 2)

(Final Version)




Tick Tock 

Tick Tock 

As time goes by 

With every second 

With every minute 

With every hour 

As time flies 

Waste none of it 

Because it will never come back 

It won’t return 

And this is one thing 

That everyone must know and learn 

The sand in the glass 

Moves and moves 

Incased but with no time to spare 

And once you lose it 

More will not arrive  

From out of nowhere 

For time is precious 

And the one thing that money  

Just cannot buy 

Rich or poor 

Or in between 

Doesn’t matter went it comes to time 

And not trying to be mean 

It’s just consistent with this task 

And not meant to last 

For it only moves forward 

And never rewinds 

Because once you’re out of time 

You cannot get it back 

So, stay on track 

And get in line 

For what you do or not do 

What this unique element 

Is entirely up to you 

To make the most of it 

Or don’t if you so choose 

For this is one battle  

That anyone can lose 

So, get a clue 

If you haven’t already 

Because time is always nonstop 

Nor does it ever slow down 

Just because people aren’t ready 

From miles around 

As it holds steady 

Despite your frown 

Or didn’t get the chance 

And it doesn’t care who you are 

So, no one gets a pass 

Tick Tock 

Tick Tock 

Away as the sand moves 

And times goes by 

For it flies constantly 

And gone so soon 

For its quick to pass 

And doesn’t last

So, make good use 

Of your time

As you watch it flow 

Inside of the hourglass 


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