Where Oh Where



Oh, where oh where

Shall I begin

To counter the unfair

And forego unwanted trends

Ready for action

Just say when

Oh, where oh where

Shall I begin

To reach those across this blue world

Stranded in poverty and scales

Of the unbalanced

As they hurl

Twist and twirl through life

Breathing in the stress and strife

With so much tension

That cannot be cut through

With a saw blade

Let alone a knife

Oh, where oh where

Shall I begin

To wake up those in a slumber

Bypassing and ignoring

The fresh paint on the wall

And done by the numbers

The lost and boring

Felt countless times throughout the day

For these people need help

And for heaven’s sake

Lying down constantly in

The mistakes they make

And also, for Pete’s sake

Travel and move on

Before it becomes too late

Capture and roll on

Right after they awake

From wishful thinking

And runaway dreams

With so much unhappiness

Buried within that it eventually begins

To come loose at the seams

Untied shoes and worn out soles

For the key to life

Is securing and protecting the soul

For who knows

Where we all will be

Years from now

Misguided hopes and aggravated destinies

All rolled up into one

Yet somehow

Some will be willing

To die and bleed

To breach the vital needs

And posting a picture of greed

Calling this great

And thinking it will succeed

But continue to be blind

To the bigger picture as a whole

And won’t be able to truly reach

The very thing right in front of them

Because it will seem close

But will be miles away

As the events unfold

Kidnapping the new

And letting go of the old

Letting go of fear and despair

And traveling about this cold world

Without one care

As people will stop and stare

And become quickly aware

As you went against the grain

With bravery and without a dare

Even if it means

Doing so alone

Clenching the right

And throwing away wrong

Allowing one’s self

To let this prolong

Until the very end

Or until all breath

Has left the body

And leaning over the proverbial chair

Of life

Exiting darkness and walking only

Towards the light

And starting to scatter about

Your lair

With all of its might

And never knowing the night

For the two of us

Have become quite the pair

So, shall I begin

Oh, where oh where


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