I Fly




Fly upon

The very tailwinds 

That scurry about the

Blue sky above and move

Along a cool and brisk path

That caresses my very dark skin when 

I embrace the clouds and everything that surrounds

And wanting to go missing and not

Be found with the ever growing

Sounds of the wind from

Beginning to the end

As I start

To transcend


Very place

Of sunny and

Vibrant rays that want

To take shape and display

As it directs me to another

Place to where I will plan and

Execute my much-needed escape and getting lost

In the abyss of my desires and

Wants that will always convey where

My heart and mind truly

Lives without ever asking

Why as I

Take to


Very sky

And never want

To ever come down

As my journey here makes

The whispering sounds of an instrument

Of pure and natural essence that cannot

Be found anyone else for miles around and

Not allowing life to bring me completely

Down and out despite the appearance

The adherence of my synaptic

Waves that I cannot

Deny so once

Again I



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