Lost and 

Confused while walking 

Daily within these shoes 

And finding myself wandering around 

Up until the night with each 

Hour that passes by seemingly as I 

Hope one day soon that this very predicament 

Will become a very distant memory and 

In the very near future so 

That semi happiness can actually occur 

As life seems like such 

A blur and appears 

Hazy to say 

The least 


Being lost 

In a forest 

Of the mind is 

No fun at all as 

It seems like life took a 

Dive and just fell off the map 

Stuck in the middle of nowhere with a 

Broken compass in hand that refuses to 

Give the exact direction to go 

And feeling trapped down deep 

Into a hole with 

No sunshine that 

Lights nor 


Me where 

The exit is 

For I’m captured and 

Sealed up nice and tight 

And caught constantly between the wrong 

And right while standing in the gray 

Area and panicking with fear as the desperation 

Starts to loom and taking up more 

Room and feeling like with the 

Game of life I lose 

And paying dearly I 

Suppose from decisions 

I made 



For I 

Must have taken 

The wrong path but 

Who knows and maybe didn’t 

Stay on my toes when I 

Should have and suffering from consequences that 

Feel like being stuck in the twilight zone 

And at times just want to be 

Left alone to think and sort 

Things out but quietly seek 

The changes needed to 

Find my way 

Back home 


Being lost 

For so long 

And been ready to 

Say goodbye to this place 

That I’ve resided on for far 

Too long with every single case that 

Has come up against me and ready for 

A clear path to where I truly 

Belong and stay there forever as 

Long as I can or 

Will allow as I’ve 

Counted the costs 

From being 



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