Life Force

The most valuable thing that we own….




How can one profit from

Gaining the whole world

But yet lose your soul

As life can sometimes take its toll

One way or another for some

For your soul is your life force

The oyster inside us all with a rare pearl

That was never meant to be given away

From our first day on this Earth

Until our very last day

It is the most precious thing that we own

For the Creator left his thumbprint there

And most are unaware of the true importance

Of this very unique gem

Because some just give it away so easily

On a whim

And not realizing that

They just gave away the best part of them

For one day we’ll all have to answer to Him

And he wants nothing we have except for our soul

And unrelenting obedience and loyalty to Him

For its all that we can offer

And what will happen to those

When the day comes to stand judgement

And you show up without your soul gem

For this will be what he wants and requires

From us all

And how will this look when you show up

As a dark empty shell inside

And have to recall what you did with this

For without this life force

You won’t have anything to offer the Creator

We must stop looking at just the now

But also focus on the later

For this belongs to Him

And he will comeback for it

But you gave yours away on purpose

For material things and greed

That you can’t take with you later

Nor will the Creator want any of these things

Because the Creator

Already made and owns everything

So, on this day

What will be your offering?

Hopefully you made the right choice

And stayed the course

Hanging onto and protecting

Your life force


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