Walking Under A Bridge



Walking about and looking around 

And watching as each step of yours 

Hits the ground 

Feeling numbness, you can’t explain 

As you woke up today 

With no significant change 

Taking in the outside air 

Thinking about certain parts of your life 

That you would like to change 

But for whatever the reason 

They continue to remain 

Starting to feel as if 

You have veered out of your lane 

And ready and willing  

To get back on track 

But believing that things will get back 

As a matter of fact 

Just realizing that your life 

Is at a standstill right now 

And trying to smile more so 

Than having a frown 

Even though more than enough 

Has happened to keep you down 

Trying to follow your dreams 

Despite how your life seems 

Heading towards a path 

That is your personal escape 

A unique underpass 

That helps keep you balanced 

And never feels like a task 

It may seem odd 

It may seem weird 

To others because of this 

But it is what it is 

As you take a moment 

To think on your destiny 

And for you this is your ridge 

For you always look forward to 

Walking and standing  

Underneath the bridge 


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