Doing what is truly needed….




I do what I must 

In order to survive and thrive 

And to make sure that 

I don’t crumble inside 

From everything that is 

Going on around me 

Trying to hold my head high 

Each day as I live and breathe 

And proceed 

To gather the vital things 

That I sorely need 

Without one debate 

A certain course of action 

And thinking that I feel justified

That I necessitate 

Never hesitate

On what I feel compelled to do 

With results and consequences 

That vindicates and aligns with truth 

For every single detail 

Spells out and entails 


Harnessing and igniting 

More passion through my writings 

With survival instincts that will later on 

Completely validate the vitality 

Of what’s most important to me 

And even after I’m long gone 

But be remembered by my works 

That will succeed me 

After I expired and got called home 

As I took darkness 

And superseded it with light 

Was never perfect in character 

But always strive to do what is right 

Or as humanly possible 

And doing so however probable 

Always aimed to be unstoppable 

And never let off the throttle 

When it came to expressing myself 

To the entire world 

And let my words 

Circle and twirl  

From the inside out 

And truly be aware 

Of what I was all about 

As poetry and me 

Soared on the wings 

Of a winged and poetic avenger 

And constantly ventured out 

To display and say 

Through every endeavor 

Without an ounce of doubt 

Using the pen as my weapon 

To inject hope by the day 

And learned valuable lessons 

Along the way 

As I officially affirm 

And confirm 

Every single intent 

That I tried to put forth 

Never to go south 

Just only north 

With my mind and my heart 

Body and soul 

As the absolute source 

And moving along this world 

From the days of old

Leaving behind evidence 

Like tire tread burned in 

And stay this way 

From beginning to end 

And chose to do right instead 

For this is my continued story 

Of my thoughts and actions 

That were warranted


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