Point Of No Return



Not seeing the world

As it really is or seems

And constantly plagued by

Implanted thoughts and memories

And further scattering

The masses for all to see

With the elite living within

An event horizon

And gone so far inwards until

There is no way to escape this

Tears falling and opportunities missed

From the outside in

The dawn and bane of existence

Since this calamity began

On a false and destructive course

While going away from the actual source

And the true root of the issues

Just moving about in cement shoes

No battle required or needed

Because the people allowed the unequal

As well as continued racist sequels

That knows no bounds

Going around in circles

As a merry go round

When all is said and done

Losing battles had

While others have won

Too many with their heads in their sand

As those in power continue to

Suffocate the broken winged bird

In their dirty and filthy hands

With a smile on the face

Not realizing this and completely unaware

Of their huge fall from grace

Causing rapid descents with utter ease

And refusing to seek a reprieve

Taking the very things

That so many need

Causing dissension with each step

Of their feet

While making real speeches

And putting up facades

But this world is not at peace

With every increase of power

That cheats and defeats the odds

But what will be the outcome

In the final hour

When we go beyond our reach

Having to continue down a path

That left no choice or option to seek

Where a physical and mental return

Will become impossible

And soon learn that the improbable

Along with the practical will not gain

Any traction

Because we spent our time and lives

Heading in the direction

Of irreversible actions

With valuable lessons

That were never learned

For we have are residing in

The point of no return


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