What Have I Become

The question, the question that tends to haunt those who have fallen….





Have I

Become I say

As I look back

On my life and ponder

Over every decision that was made

With each and every case that I

Chose to do or not do and left

Wandering is this why I am here

Glancing at an existence that I

Just cannot revere or that

Completely disappeared or missing

As the stress

And strife


Never ending

To say the

Least as the disappointment

Is beginning to increase from

All angles and sides and asking

The very question of why and what

Happened exactly that brought me to this position

A broken record with the same rendition

Just what have I done and didn’t

Do when the time came

And sitting here contemplating

On the shame

That I



Very still

While life has

Gone pass me and

Looking around at all the

Things I want and need that

Seems so far away but comes to

Others so easily and apparently and must be

Doing something differently than what I’ve done

Dealing with less instead of having

Some fun and enjoying life

So just what exactly

I must ask

Have I



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