The Walls Are Closing In

For those who are struggling through life….




Sitting here alone

In the privacy of home

And just wandering to myself

There in the silence and tightness

What exactly went wrong

With certain areas of my life

Did I properly distinguish the wrong from right?

Did I turn left instead of right?

Did I sit still when it came to fight?

Or fight when I should’ve sat still

As the time that has gone by

Constantly reveals

And have been through such an ordeal

Dreams wished but later killed

For life has become monotonous

And with every day the same

Thinking and holding out

For things to completely change

Or do a turn around

For a smile is foreign

But use to a frown

And yeah, I know how this sounds

Going leaps and bounds

But yet in still

Nothing turns around

And feeling let down

Has become the norm

For inside my head

Is a constant storm

And a heart that is barely warm

But still beats with charm

Despite it all

Because no matter what

I refuse to completely fall

For my moment is just around the corner

I have to believe this

And bare witness

To the day that I will finally shine

Even though life hasn’t always been kind

To this life and soul of mine

Hitting my fists against the floor

And my teeth start to grind

Needing an escape

So that I can relax and unwind

For I’ve grown tired of stress

And still feeling it

After I’ve given my best

But ending up with much less

Than I actually worked for

Much time and energy spent

And I deserve much more

For at times life feels like such a bore

Windows shut and with closed doors

And bitterness has sat in

Sitting alone in the midst of it all

But this won’t be the end of my story

While noticing that the walls

Are closing in around me


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