The Spider Or The Fly



Within the balance of power

Of nature itself

Who does it favor

The spider or the fly

For nature will know the reason why

The fly moves along

Ever so freely

But then lands on a web nearby

Paying a visit here and just was curious

But was the spider showed

The fly said hello

Hi is what the spider says back

For his every intention

Is to attack

But this is being hidden in plain sight

Waiting for the right time to strike

And bite the fly

The fly sees an odd face

And starts to leave

But has become stuck so it seems

And evidently

This wasn’t part of the plan

For the fly was just curious

And doesn’t understand

He struggles and struggles

But cannot move

As the spider moves in closer

For a closeup view

What brings you here

As the spider comes near

The fly states I was just looking

And landed here

Well unfortunately for you

You aren’t going anywhere

For I am ready to eat

And you are just what I need

The fly is scared and begs please

But the spider is not filled with mercy

He goes in for the kill

And oh, what a thrill

But right then something happens

A piece of a tree falls

And lands on the spider

Killing him instantly

And breaks the hold of the fly

So, he is able to leave

Whose knows why this happened

They way that it did

For we can be hit by things

Even though they are hid

And when they are high

For nature stepped in here

And turned the tide

Of the balance of power

Between the spider and the fly


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