The Fog Between The Trees



Just who are we

Roaming this world

With various destinies

Going in all directions

But many of these

Need course corrections

Due to more hate than affection

Less peace but more aggression

Constantly repeating the same mistakes

And purposely committing vile acts

With no life lessons learned

That continue to attack

Our way of life

With some kind and nice

While others strike and bite

Some fight to survive

Others fight to abide by

Their very own rules

Thinking they’re above the law

Like being granted immunity

Yet can’t resolve or settle disputes

Within the surrounding communities

That you and me

And seen with and by all eyes

Living among people that simply despise

Not willing to step on necks

Just to rise

And comprise of those that will

Do anything to beat the odds

As they tread and trod

In much better shoes

While everyone else

The opposite of you

The trees in direct conflict

With the weeds

And unplanted seeds

With the fog rising and taking up space

In between and clings to

All the ones where darkness ensues

And severing human connections

From the rest of you

In every way possible

Believing to be

Invincible and unstoppable

Leaving the word in a chaotic spiral

That has led to the horrific and terrible

Being just what it seems and more

While constantly cutting off the lights

And closing all windows and doors

A dim light in the shade

Consistently displayed

Much greed taking shape

And caring about nothing

Is becoming less and less

For we as human beings

Are nowhere near our best

Calling things good when they’re bad

Bad things being referred to as good

The complete opposite

Of what truly needs to be understood

And I would change it all

If I could

And gathering those that are lost

Out in the woods

And just because its shines

Doesn’t mean that its always clean

Preparing the unnecessary

And ignoring the original recipe

As we continue to live and be

The fog between the trees


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