The world is controlled

By the privileged few

That cannot ever relate

To people like me and you

For they have divided themselves

From everyone else

Greed achieved and no heart felt

Selfishness running through the veins

Taking it all and leaving behind

Very small remains

Having no intentions

Of ever committing to change

And firmly believing that

The sun sets and rises on them

While the rest of humanity

Lives dark and grim

With many chances that are slim

To none and being the only ones

Dreams come and gone

While the one percent

Firmly believes this is where they belong

All along and alone to themselves

Without one ounce of decency or care

Walking circles around the masses

As they wake up and sleep with no despair

And are fully aware

Of the problems that plague us all

Doing whatever necessary to fly

While the rest falls

True nobility is being better then self

Instead of trying to one up the rest

Just having as much as you possibly can

And leaving crumbs for everyone else

Not enough for you because you seek even more

Sucking the life force out of the world

While ignoring the suffering and poor

Ignoring the knocks at your door

As this comes to you with a sinking floor

Happy while others are sad

Content while others are mad

The have and have nots

The nails versus the hammers

Steaming kettles but empty pots

And what not

Black and white photos

But with a colored camera

All around you

But yet you choose

To just ignore it all

Because the rest have nothing

To do with you

While others recall

But you’re sadly mistaken

And I’m not afraid to point this out

For those that feel forsaken

And whom you see as the enemy

As you continue to build and flourish

Underneath oligarchy


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