Modern Day People



For we as people 

In this day in time 

Subjecting ourselves 

In a monotonous routine 

Each day of our lives 

The rat race for many 

And where technology is plenty 

Scurrying about the world 

As we’re creatures of habit 

That seems never ending 

Claiming one thing 

Then doing something else 

Engaging in everything 

So tightly and refuse to loosen the belt 

Out for only self 

In all aspects of life 

Succumbing to unhealthy ways 

And thinking that this is alright 

Running when we need to fight 

Fighting when we need to run away 

Living life in black and white 

And some shades of gray 

Relationships through technology 

With physical interaction diminishing 

The trend these days 

And not enough hours it seems 

To accomplish all in one day 

Hating love and loving hate 

More solo acts as opposed to teams 

Doing any and everything 

Just to get a glimpse of our dreams 

Waiting when we need to act 

Acting when we need to wait 

For the very concept of time 

We still haven’t figured out 

As of late 

And making many grave mistakes 

With no real lessons learned 

Because we’re too caught up 

In the chase of it all 

Tripping and falling onto our faces 

But haven’t noticed the fall 

Remembering the unnecessary 

Yet the vital things we can’t recall 

The unique we call ordinary 

The ordinary we call unique 

As this varies and carries  

Too much weight 

As we forego much needed discussions 

But anxious to debate 

Just so many issues 

Apparent in this day in time 

And unwilling to see the whole picture 

Because we’re too busy 

Trying to get mine 

And whatever this means 

Committing dirty acts 

Yet calling them clean 

Wanting to be with someone 

But only on our own terms 

Still wanting your independence 

And more than willing 

To ignite this and burn 

Any real chance of love 

Doing the opposite of this 

Yet complain when it doesn’t work 

Wanting to skip the vital 

And have dessert first 

As we go about and disperse 

And continue to curse 

Our own selves 

With the inability of making 

Time for someone else 

Material things rule over us 

And making such a fuss 

When we think  

We don’t have enough 

Harboring and hoarding money 

That could truly help those in need 

But refuse to do this 

Due to self-gratification and constant greed 

And can’t see the forest for the trees 

Attempting to control every facet 

Of our lives and everything 

And just hoping that this brings 

What we supposedly want and need 

For we can’t see 

What is actually happening around us 

Searching and desiring happiness 

In all the wrong places 

But don’t realize just how out of touch 

We really are 

And just how far 

What we call as content 

Is only subpar 

When looking at the big picture 

Fixated on possessions and expenditures 

That have no equals when it comes to the natural 

And what is actually factual 

From prequels to sequels 

Mild or fiery 

Calm or lethal 

And expecting peace from chaos 

For we have become truly lost 

In the grand scheme of things 

False sense of happiness and security 

When it comes to what’s vital 

And what matters most 

As we often toast and boast 

When we’re really stuck in idle 

And can’t see pass 

The eye of a needle 

For all of this and more 

Is the true story 

Of modern day people 


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