As I Write



As I reach for the pen

And begin to write

I think about all of the things

And various subjects

That I just might

And tend to

Think about on the daily

Things that are concerns

And that trouble me greatly

Before and lately

Whether good or bad

Attempting to bring hope

To the sad

And a beacon of continuous light

To those that are good

And trying to do right

So, as I

Take this time to write

And later display and recite

Engaging with this art form

Both day and night

In silence and with sounds around

As I found the most artistic way

Of placing my thoughts down

Sharing and caring

As I display this

In ways that can be found

By anyone far or near

And use the power of words

To reach everyone

And hold my pieces most dear

Making them as clear

As I possibly can

And with the goal of becoming more

In the eyes of the world

Than just a simple man

A poet and literary genius

That helped changed lives

And made the world understand

As I use this art to fight

And wanting to be nothing more

Than a beacon of hope and light

Each and every single time

This this poet right here

Ups and takes flight

Without hesitation or fear

With each line and word

As they appear

And hold tight

Being poetic and sincere

As I write


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