Wearing Burdens



As you look around

And come in contact with

Many places and people

That seem not to fit

Or out of their element

Wearing frowns and pain on their faces

And have hardened like cement

Tense shoulders and knots in the back

Wearing stress, no matter where they’re at

And as a matter of fact

Became this way due to

So many things that are lacked

Feeling like their under attack

In every way known

Some from their childhoods

And others while grown

And most wanting to

Be left alone and not carry on

And breathe easy for once

Without pain being felt in the bones

Living within the same old song

And ready to go to the place

Where they truly belong

With tears that no longer flow

With fears that cease to grow

With encouraging words to hear

That have become the best thing

They have come to know

Time to break up this gloomy pattern

That happens so often in a row

For if the negative is leaving

Then let it be so

Wearing stress and strife like clothes

But time to strip down

To your bare skin

And wash away this steady trend

So that this will allow you

To finally win

And do so with urgency

For the storm you’re living through

You must believe

That it’s only temporary

And varies

Depending on what you choose to do

Don’t allow this weight

To overtake you

You must live on and carry on through

Despite it all

Getting yourself to a point

Where you no longer trip and fall

Gathering a better grip on life

Loosening up those tight and stiff joints

And leaving the darkness for light

For there is more awaiting you

Just hang on to where

You can see it actually happen

Just for you

So, don’t let this act

Be the final curtain

To stack the deck

With positive facts

And a new purpose

That I suppose

Will have you changing into

Fresh clothes and attire

With more substance

A brand new you

And without wearing burdens


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