Broken Record



Why oh why

Must the same old things

Keep happening and being

Like a broken record

With no goodbye

Burdening and holding

Me back from my true abilities

Held at bay and with dust accumulating

One step forward

Three steps back

As I point towards

The place where I need

And deserve to be at

Much effort made

But just can’t seem

To get pass the shade

As this constantly berates

Taunts and haunts me

And at this rate

Will it ever be

Going through life

As I live and breathe

Like dying a very slow death

From all that is seen and unseen

With a certain emptiness inside

That no one else can see

Putting on facial expressions

That are the opposite of me

And the way that I feel

So much going on

While I’m standing still

Much work put in

But the results are yet to be revealed

And time marches on

Feeling most of time

All alone and thinking about

All the things that have gone wrong

And never happened

Could be much further along

If the results had been captured

And truly saw the results

That I was after

Can’t change the past

But hopefully the future

Will yield what has been sorely needed

At last and this soon will come to past

Hanging on despite feeling severed

Trying and trying to get it together

No matter the weather

Or season

Asking why to whatever reason

That this occurred

Dreams deferred

And feeling unused and not valuable

At times

Especially when the sun doesn’t shine

Just waiting for my moment

That will make the difference

In my life as well as others

To remove the shade

That has had me covered

For the longest time

Long overdue for this light to shine

And the very thing to call mine

Rendered and no longer hindered

Praying and hoping that soon

I receive the payoff of my efforts

So that I and my life will bloom

And will no longer be

As a broken record


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