The Hideaway

A place where rest and relaxation is home and your very own personal and private escape….




A place to call your own

A place where you want to be

Left completely alone

A favorite place among all others

Here in this very space

Unlike any other

Wanting to never leave

As you take the time

To roll up your sleeves

And truly indulge yourself

In this very unique surrounding

And seems so simple

Just awestruck from the aura

That this gives off

A place where you

Just want to be lost

A freedom without cost

A tranquil environment

Where you will toss yourself

Completely into

Not wanting to share it either

Just solo and not for two

Loving and adoring every square inch

For this place in your mind

Has absolutely no equal

Radiant and serene

And watching as the sun beams

As you sit in the sand

Unsure how you landed here

But so glad that you did

For you have called dibs on this place

And prefer that it stays hid

From the rest of the world

For this place

Is your very own rare pearl

And an unburied treasure

That cannot be measured

As you continue to embrace it

And feel the pleasure

Of all that it has to offer

Refusing to leave here

Nor want to be bothered

By anything or anyone

On the outside

A prized possession

That only you have won

And not to be outdone

A place made for one

And having more than just mere fun

On this day

That has such an amazing display

And truly conveys to you

Everything that you’re thinking

And want to say

Having all of this go your way

And just want to lay

And stay

Each and everyday

Right here forever and ever

With no escape

A connection you never want severed

And knew immediately

That this is the hideaway


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