Walking along a path

Then reaching a place

There at last

And secluded in its own space

The look on your face

After you arrived there

A place of intrigue

And the soul is aware

A mystery it seems

And wandering should you walk through

For you have reached an area

And not entirely sure what to do

But curiosity burns inside

As each breath compels you

At this very point in time

Starting to cross a line

With no desire to turn around

Walking this vague place

And making no sound

Wanting to be alone here

And not be found

As this links and lands

In a way that you can’t entirely understand

But that won’t stop you

Because you have every intention

Of seeing this through

From beginning to end

Until you reach the other side

Hoping that the end is there

And you stare all around

Curiously and wide eyed

A rare find

That you believe was meant

For you to find

And concentrating only

On this moment in time

Unsure of what’s on the other side

But you will not change your mind

As you can feel this to

Your very core

Wanting this more and more

As you find yourself in the middle

Of the corridor


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