Walking With Worn Feet



For those people

That have no choice in life

But to continue on even when

Things are unequal

Wishful thinking for the most part

And unfulfilled dreams

Just walking along

This cold cruel world

Trying to not give up

When their lives spin and hurl

Out of control

Wearing down shoes with no sole

For their feet are touching the ground

Walking and moving suddenly and uncomfortably

But yet they don’t make a sound

Having to ignore the discomfort

Because you know that if you quit

And throw in the towel

You will probably or most likely

End up not staying around

Dealing with life in ways

That certain people would never understand

Due to life being hard it seems

From every angle and where you land

For this applies to both woman and man

Drawing lines in the sand

That the wind eventually blows away

For this is just like

Any other day that you awake

Just hoping and praying for much needed change

Before it becomes too late

Traveling down a path with no shoes on

And must continue on

Even if that means all alone

Trying to get yourself to a real place

That you can truly call home

And to one day see

So that hopefully

Stop living life on repeat

Walking down these same rough streets

Dried up areas with much heat

Fatigued and tired of the rat race

While other seem

So fortunately

Able to live out their wants and dreams

While you are barely getting by

And constantly wandering

When your time will come

And arrive punctually

While trying to hang on

With each breathe that you breathe

Wandering through this world

And have reached your capacity

Pondering on the direction

That your life will lean

And everything else in between

For you must press on and not retreat

As you continue to walk with worn feet


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