Original works of art

That I administer

With a fiery heart

That aligns each poetic endeavor

Rhymes and lines that are clever

The bass to the treble

And on an avid mission

To push them to another level

A focused concentration

As I live within this nation

But pushing pass all borders

For poetry is the command

And I carry out the orders

Given to me from the Creator above

And writing constantly

Is one way that I show my love

For this unique art

Ingrained in me from the very start

And no division between

Poetry and me

Because we

Are a concentrated fire

With the sole purpose

Is to take this world higher

As we walk and run

This path together

Despite the weather

And always stay tethered

In order to

Fulfill the destiny

I was called to do

And all I want

More than anything

Is to see it through

Give chills


And spill

My style of poetry

With each reveal

Yes, I am consumed

It’s takes up all spaces and room

As it just soothes

My inner being

Being the very reason

I write for the people

Keeping it equal

And in hopes that it

Will bring many together

And arrive with many sequels

To one day be

Birds of the same feather

The stitching that holds together

The very leather

Never any fear of this

Or where it will take me

For I admire it greatly

With an adherence

To no interference

And feel this

Cause its very appearance

Stands in a class of its own

And never wanting

To leave this behind or alone

For poetry is the one place

That I can call home

Stuffed with its energy

All the way down to my bones

For this is accomplished

And always done on purpose

Seen as urgent

As each one hits the surface

And will continue to spread this

Like wildfire and locusts

Concentrating and demonstrating

Remaining and staying

Completely focused


Where writing comes alive

Writings By MCM