Just you and me

Have forged an alliance

Poetry and I

For all to see

Ever since our first meeting

We have been on the same wavelength

Many words penned and written

Shared and sent

My has the time gone by

Where did it all go

From conception to where it went

With each poem that I wrote

There to here

And holding each piece most dear

Never wrote or held back

Due to some type of fear

Just wanted my work to be revered

And seen for the light that it is

When people come near

And read it

As it arrives and also appears

To retrieve it

And taking it all in

Never showing wear and tear

Pushing always to the very end

A relationship that just works

And will always care

For poetry and I

Shook hands long ago and made a deal

And sealed it forever

Always displaying the fire and passion for this

With every endeavor

Smart and clever

To up the ante

Evolve and raise the level

And to have every heart and mind

Revel when seen

To embrace each piece and get what it means

As poetry is an art

And with that comes a certain science

Because long ago

Poetry and I

Forged and formed

never-ending alliance


Where writing comes alive

Writings By MCM