Writing and inviting

Penning and winning

Shown with much passion and fire

Writing daily

As if down to the wire

Never perspire

Won’t ever resign or retire

Because poetry takes me higher

The lyrical and literary grinder

Words and lines lit on fire

Coming out and written

In record numbers

For I slumber

At the mere fact

That too much time has passed

Before I wrote another

To spill onto the page

To drill each piece into hearts

And into minds with each display

Never in disarray

Just wants to convey

Watching as each poem

Takes form and shape

Ready to ignite hope

And be the scope

In every positive way

And spray this work

Around the world

And twirl the meanings

Rhymes and reasons

Me and poetry

Are in constant agreement

Believe this

See this

Hear this

Read this

Coming in loud and clear

For my passion for this

Will never disintegrate or disappear

Won’t dissipate nor have any fear

For my mission is clear

And standing right here

Before me

And looking me right in the eyes

With the very goal and purpose here

Is to help change lives

Be classical and wise

Intelligence and critical thinking

Circling about my mind

Each and every time

Word for word

Line by line

And shine

A light over and over again

Setting new vibes and trends

And know right where to begin

As I share and send

Each one out to cause a shockwave

That just may


Pain and suffering

That life sometimes often brings

Showing the poetic side of me

For all to bear witness to

Causing a chain reaction

From more than a few

And a poetic spree

Whether you stand or sit

Or take a knee

Poetry with a vibrant mist

With a feast prepared

To be read and ingested

And done with much care

Will always be fair

Every time I take it there

With the metaphorical



And always critical

With much originality

And always aims to please

Sent from me to you

And leaving clues

Poetry has such depth

And allows me to dive into

The artistic universe

That just engulfs and envelopes

Me and all of you

So, to be continued

With much flair

And a poetic pulse

That has mass appeal


Thrills and frills

Aiming to do so

With each reveal

Because this work of mine

Will never stand still


Where writing comes alive

Writings By MCM