Hits The Ground



When this poetry

Hits the ground

It does so in every way

No matter if someone is here

Or not around

A literary punch

Pound for pound

For the art itself

Is to be revered

Let that be clear

With a fire and thunder

That doesn’t even need

To make a sound

Just to have an effect

Much respect


No regret

A redirect

Erect many of them

Poetic constructs

That just appear

From many of us poets

And having a pulse of their own

An art that just calls us home

And refuses to leave us alone

As we condone

Whenever they come near

Not to cause panic or fear

But stir up pleasant emotions

For all who are willing

To read and hear

And be steered towards the light

Yet channeled by hope

Not allowing the dark’s

Sinister bite

As the power of words

Can even be seen under a microscope

The lyrical antidote

To the world’s constant venom

A legend in its own right

From the very beginning

Or better yet a phenom

To always ignite

From start to finish

As losing is not an option

Only winning

And will always do this

Because I know it’s right

A crown of achievement

And won’t cause frowns

Running and gunning

And unwilling to let down

Activation of this

So that it can travel

For miles around


And be found

No matter if someone is here

Or not around

Knocking on and breaking in

The door

When this poetry


Hits the ground


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